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You Can Help

One thing is for sure,  when folks in the Glenwood and Mills County Community hear of someone needing help they step up in a big way. Howard and Howards HighSpeed is calling for the community to come and rally around a family that is in need of your support.      


The last couple of months have been a roller coaster ride for the Donscheski family. This past fall Drew wasn’t feeling himself.  After several weeks of just feeling a little off, he consulted his family physician.  Unsure of what was going on; they started with blood work and treated the symptoms as they appeared. At that time they started treating thyroid related issues and he began to feel a little better.  Unfortunately, right around the holidays, symptoms of double vision and painful migraines emerged so he was referred to UNMC for an MRI. 

On Christmas Eve, Drew and Heather received a nightmare of phone call.  The MRI showed a brain tumor was applying pressure to his frontal lobe. After hearing the news, they forced themselves to put all their fear and emotions aside.  They made the most of the holiday season for their three children, all the while worrying of the unknown. 

So how can you help?

First and foremost, your love, support, prayers are always welcome. 

In addition to that, monetary donations will help with expenses like, gas, meals, groceries, and medical bills.  Home cooked meals will help them tremendously as well.     Call Howard @ 402-968-5237 for additional information OR click that link on the left to make a monetary donation.